It was me  It wasn’t me!

Me rocking the Kanzu as we prepared to set off from the hotel. Continue reading 

The weather chose to be kind to us, drizzled just a little to signal God was acknowledging the remarkable romance that inspired the journey these two were starting yet the sun shone with such grace- just bright enough to donate vitamin D yet subtle not to create need for umbrellas. We could not have gotten a better MC. His ability to effortlessly marry the depth of culture with millennial fanaticism and just the right doze of raw humor which for some reason would appeal to both the villagers and the Kampala elites was slightly short of divine. I am sincerely hoping no one noticed how I was unconsciously smiling all through the function, as my neighbor and Friend Percy was being traditionally introduced by Monica. Being the designated driver for the soon-to-be wed couple, I was of course expected to be the sober one on the team yet I would urge that I had my fair share of unplanned fun. Masaka being about 2 hours’ drive from Kampala required we set off by 7 am. My loyal alarm clock which I set for 5; 45 am, went off (I am still struggling to understand why the inventors of the mighty English refer to it as going off when it is literally going on- that will be for another day) and as usual I did not value it’s loyalty until 6; 15 am after I pictured myself really late for the function and a million other worst case scenarios, basically my normal wake up motivation drill after ignoring my alarm which I religiously set. Fast forward the introduction was arguably flawless and it took me on an emotional roller coaster. I could almost see these lingering thoughts in my head in 3D. They were so real, I’d swear I could touch them! On my last 3 trips to the village, after supplying my nephews with infinite big boom sweets & assorted Cadbury chocolates (yes, I am aware that I will also have to foot their dentist bills in about 10 years because of my misguided generosity), my mom has consistently yet in different contexts asked if I have ever thought of marrying let alone having kids! She had even bothered to share some research she apparently accidentally stumbled on, highlighting the shortcomings of starting a family after 40 years. I quickly reminded her, I am not even 30! She said “I am just sharing general information” Mum, I am pretty sure that information was quite specific for me. Of course I will want to get married sometime- manufacture just enough kids to drive my wife and I crazy, half of our married life- the kind of crazy you look forward to from work. The kind of crazy that breaks smart phone screens and slit couches open but you still want to hold your kid so close until you feel their heart beat in sync with yours. Of course, I also want to go for honeymoons every 4 years with my wife to the Maldives and be young again, ride the Arab camels in the scorching desert heat of Egypt just next to the mighty pyramids, climb the Chinese great wall or walk on its adrenaline- rush -prompting Glass Bridge . Of course I would love to live my craziest romantic fantasies except for one thing, mom- the right TIMIMG. Even when I agree with Robert Kiyosaki- (New York best selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad series) ‘If you are the kind of person who is waiting for the right thing to happen, you might wait for a long time. It is like waiting for all the traffic lights to be green for five miles before starting the trip’, I also believe Percy had to wait for a Monica. A few experiences can come close to the beauty reflected in our cultural diversity. At 5:30am the day following the introduction, we drove to Monica’s home to perform our last ritual –Kaasuze katya. I was in the car with a very married interesting couple- Mr. Gordon & Claire- who of course preached to me about marriage as I rolled my eyes. We were required to visit Monica’s home officially to take her before its dawn. The events that traditionally precede this are only but very dramatic, especially the part where the bride’s nieces literally cry and block us from leaving the house with the bride on basis that they cannot afford to miss her mouthwatering meals and council. We literally had to both fight back and bribe the nieces out of the way with a couple of ten thousand notes! It felt very exhilarating perhaps because it was a new experience all together for me and also the dramatic spectacle was an awe to behold. I have lost several bets both to myself and my former girlfriend every time I bet that I will watch a movie till the end or that I will wake up at 5 am to read or something all due to my amazing relationship with sleep. I am not exactly too proud of my annoyingly sweet relationship but I guess nature knows best. On sleeps’ account, I missed out on the kasiki (after party). This, I really did not see coming, no sooner had I checked into my hotel room to change and charge my phone for 3 and a half minutes than I already blacked out! On the bright side, we got the bride who is officially my new neighbor and that means only one thing to me- I won’t have to drive to town for lunch on the weekend! I would like to think she owes me! Plus, my hotel room was really cozy and I guess that is why I blacked out. Besides the mattress being extra spongy and the sheets extra silky, the view from the balcony was breathtaking. I remember when I woke up from my black out at 3 am, I slid the large front door open and a gentle wind blew through my face, it was magically both warm and chilly and I remember inhaling a deep breath only if I could take this magic wind with me back to Kampala. Speaking of Kampala, I was missing out on the insane vibe and energy from my Rotaract club of Kampala Ssese Islands and Kampala South at the joint hospitality. Rotary family has successfully uniquely distinguished itself starting with Grammar; house parties are called hospitalities, their club leaders are called presidents, when the president assumes office it is called Installation, and when you become a new member then you have been inducted! I had to play catch up with this new vocabulary when I had just joined for a couple of months! Now looking forward to the wedding…. Tuxedo- Check. After party- Double check. Sleep- Absent (hopefully)


You sometimes wish you could pretend for a minute that you can spend an hour without texting, thinking,talking or stalking her Facebook timeline and you always fail miserably at keeping this promise. She texts you just hi… and this prompts you to articulate all the funniest jokes you’ve googled all night to impress her, ‘ladies wouldn’t resist any size of a man packaged in a humorous box’ you read somewhere, you let your feelings for her explode as bluntly yet subtle, the ones you have saved from yesterday’s late night call   where you said a little over 20 goodbyes but no one seemed to want to hung up.You are stuck between trying to act like you like her just only enough and shielding her from seeing how much extreme of a hopeless romantic you are, choosing what to do has never gotten any harder. Alot of possibilities run through your mind- does she like me as much? Iam i walking down this road so fast? is it even possible you can love someone abnormally this much? Maybe it is true, magic exists after all? All these ceases to be valid question the minute she texts back asking the same questions – then it dawns on you- your living a true Notebook-kind-of Love story, full of bliss and incomprehensible attraction. The best part, all is mutual.

You want to grow really old with her, go on nature walks together in the Amazon, bungee jump with her from the Royal George bridge even when she’s afraid of heights, prank her to comma and you be the first person she sees when shes gets conscious – she slaps you and you laugh about it, You want to experiment being a dad with her – as you make silly parenthood mistakes but your kids turn out just right, You want her to be the one whose hand you hold as you pray to God in tough times and hers to be the voice that will tell you it’s going to be alright. Question is……is this what they call chemistry? Where do you learn it from? When did you graduate or even enroll seeing that you are consumed. You love her so much and she is the one to blame. You love her so much and there is nothing she can do about it. She has mastered the art of being perfect, shes flawless in speech and physique- at least in your head. The more you fight it, the more captivating it gets, you simply chose to lose and  feed off this sweet feeling of knowing someone out there cares as much and feels the same- spends sleepless days picturing a happily ever after with you. I have not done 3/4 of the things on my bucket list but pretty sure this is by far the most earthly possible most incredible feeling ever and rather a basis for the 3/4 of my bucket to make any sense after all.

Ultimate happiness is being trapped in such a state all your life! The chemistry zone!

#elitexpressions by Micah Musabe


Do You Know Him?


My King is the King of the Jews, He is the King of Israel, he is the King of righteousness. He is the King of ages, he is the king of heaven, he is the King of glory, he is the king of kings and is the lord of lords! That’s my King, i wonder..Do you know him?

My King is a sovereign King. No means of measure can define his limitless love, he is endearingly strong, he is entirely sincere, he is eternally steadfast, he is immortally graceful, he is imperially powerful, he is impartially merciful ……do you know him?

He is the greatest phenomenon that has ever crossed the horizon of this world.

He is God’s son

He is the sinners’ savior

He is the center piece of civilization

He is unparalleled, he is unprecedented

He is the loftiest idea in literature, he is the highest personality in philosophy, he is the fundamental doctrine of true theology. He is the only one qualified to be an all sufficient savior , i wonder…… you know him?

He supplies strength to the weak, he is available for the tempted and the tried, he sympathizes and saves, he strengthens and sustains, he guards and he guides, he heals the sick, he cleanses the leapers, he forgives sinners, he discharges debtors, he delivers the captives, he redeems the evil, he defends the feeble, he blesses the young, he serves the unfortunate, he regards the aged, he rewards the diligent and he beautifies the meek, i wonder… you know him?

He is the key to knowledge, he is the wellspring to wisdom, he is the door way of deliverance, he is the pathway of peace, he is the road way of righteousness, he is the highway to holiness, he is the gateway of glory… you know him?

Well, his life is matchless, his word is enough, his goodness is limitless, his mercy is everlasting, his love never changes, his mercy is everlasting, his grace is sufficient, his reign is righteous, his Yoke is easy and his burden is light. I wish i could describe him to you……

But he is indescribable, he is incomprehensible, he is invisible, he is irresistible. Well, you cant get him out of your mind, you cant get him off of your mouth, you cant outlive him and you cant live without him. The pharisees couldn’t stand him but they found out they couldn’t stop him. Pilate couldn’t find any fault in him, Herod couldn’t kill him, death couldn’t handle him and the grave couldn’t hold him.

That’s my KING, that’s my KING!!

Welcome to 2017

Inspiration. Whats yours?


Is it the sweet love he showers you, the aroma of unannounced fresh flowers delivered at your work desk, the long walks you share with him on lazy Sunday afternoons or it is the invaluable satisfaction you get when you speak to souls with your effortless acts of love?


Is it the feeling you get when your heart skips 2 beats because your boss affirms his confidence in you for the deals closed, revenue raised, contracts signed and flawless reports or the knowledge that because of what you do, a life is changed, a family is fed, a lifesaving call is made or a baby breathes its first share of oxygen?

Is it the tremendously generous comments that flood your ear about your adorable dress code, your Oscar winning dimple, your picture perfect behind, your sparkling white dental, your God given 6 pack or it is the humility that captivates you, knowing that you inspire someone to work out, dress better or be professional?

Is it the friends, family or good fortune or that you freak out like me every time you imagine how high your bill would be if you were charged to breathe?


If I were to thank God for anything at all, it wouldn’t be for the car I drive but for the hands to engage the gears, not for the job but for the brain to reason, not for the food but for my digestive department for knowing how to convert my random lunch to glucose without any computer program, not for how captivating she is but for the eyes that beheld the beauty.

That, right there is my inspiration!

I am sorry….what?

Just why is there an eternal disparity between what we wish for and what we get? (like all the time!) If you asked me, 27 years ago how i figured my life 27 years later….

very married with my entire life (up until retirement) figured out, 2 holidays to Fiji Islands, Paris, Siem Reap Cambodia or Cape town every year with my trophy wife, living in a incredible villa customized to the dot, VIP treatment at international concerts, my bank account almost exploding with so many zeros, 7 star treatment at 5 star hotels,and basically zero problems. Alright, that’s a little bit exaggerated, but seriously, i assumed growing up was all rosy and so cool.


I still only but dream about you, my Paris!

Someone sure should have given me a memo about this whole growing up thing.

Why cant i still simply make money every time i lose a tooth? What happened to today’s rats? Instead now, i pay my not so pretty dentist (yeah, there’re female dentists too) to lose one.

Why cant i still command instant attention by merely crying? It’s now called being emotional and so not a guy thing- apparently.

Why cant i just randomly pick stuff in the grocery store without being worried about the bill?

Why don’t i still eagerly count down to Christmas with anticipation of new clothes , the excitement of blowing balloons, taking soda (my favorite was Mirinda orange) All i really count down to now is pay day!

Why……just why?

Making friends was as easy as snapping  a finger- Now, there is so much ego like ….’exactly, why do you think we can be friends?” Cumon, do i need to have a list or something?

It was Verb , noun and abacus -easy to logarithms, sets and periodic table -hard to Quantum physics and Integration by partial fraction -difficult and now its Rent/mortgage, life partner and Career choice complex!

It sucks every time i remember that everything i do/say is directly consequential to me. It makes me more cautious hence sucking the fun out of living!

Some one should have warned me, growing up was a trap!

#Ugblogweek – day 2


Kai Zen

The then current world affairs, fashion trends, music,  whats making headlines in churches and basically just about anything, i was very persuaded that i was quite knowledgeable about that and more. However, when i browse through my Facebook posts from 3 or 5 years back, i just wish i could delete three quarters of the them  because the then ‘cool’ Micah pretty much embarrasses the now me.

Then just today, i got introduced to an amazing Japanese story – Kaizen. Kaizen is the practice of continuous improvement. Kaizen was originally introduced to the West by Masaaki Imai in his book Kaizen: The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success in 1986. Today Kaizen is recognized worldwide as an important pillar of an organization’s/ individual long-term competitive strategy.

So basically, over the next 7 days, I am going to literally walk you through over what goes on in my crazy, complex and ever rotating brain. My choices, wishes, thoughts, desires, oh obsessions and fantasies too. It is going to be one hell of a roller coaster ride, especially with the new -week , new- me resolutions I actually intend to keep, at least this time around! So, just yesterday i decide to alter my usual Sunday routine of Church, visiting friends, hanging out, watching TV and re watching some of my favorite series (especially Family guy) to simply being with myself and enjoy my own company. The greatest of ideas and inventions have usually always come from such sessions- at least so i’v heard. I took a long walk as i reflected about my life goals and what i have generally achieved. I just realized the greatest achievement i had was LIFE! I survived a car crash about two months ago, walked out without a scratch! It got me thinking, i hadn’t got a kid yet, haven’t bungee jumped or sky dived yet, or any of the crazy items i had on my bucket list. This was some wake up call of sorts yet ever since, i hadn’t really taken time off to reflect on my life and the things i really want to do that generate that sweet satisfaction and inward fulfillment. Yesterday was one of those days i decided to embark on this journey of continued self improvement- Kaizen.


My car at the police station right after the accident

My lazy walk landed me to a basketball court at Kampala International University (KIU). I used to be bad news for my opponents back in the day at this game, thanks to my enviable height, spot on game reading and generally the need to be cool. So, i figured, i wouldn’t mind passively watching people training as i dig into the inner me. I loved the energy they manifested in game. There was this particular, i suppose south Sudanese guy based on his appearance who, for some reason, just enjoyed dunking and the crowd would always wait in eager anticipation and cheer for his next dunk!


I cannot say that my inner engineering sessions did’t yield so much  because i was inspired to make a decision to start going to the gym effective this week after watching how swift these guys were. So, I am gym hunting as of today. This is something i have resolved with myself to do so may times yet somehow afford to postpone. Not this time, mister! As one of the ways to reconnect with myself and the things that really matter, i switched off data on my phone the entire afternoon (you know how much a sacrifice that was) to give room to myself to make actual physical connections with people. A one, Charity (3rd year Petroleum & Gas student at the Petroleum & Gas institute) fell victim to my newly made resolution! I found her quite mature  and articulate in speech for a university student. We discussed about quite a lot of issues ranging from movies (and she likes sit-coms too!), current affairs, her love for basketball inspired y her ex boyfriend to our goals and it was night fall before we knew it (or even wanted it). Now that i write this, i realize we might have shared a little too much for first time friends, especially me! But who cares?

Something else that has just recently caught my attention is how incredible photographs capture moments, stories and tell experiences in just one shot. It is extremely adorable what photographers do with just a click on their mighty Canon D40 (actually that is the only camera name i know!) i have therefore started to allow myself explore this amazing world as well. I took a couple of shots of the basketball players and i am happy with myself, at least so far!


I will expound on my new-week new-me resolutions in the next 6 days and i hope i not only change myself but also someone else who is reading this (i hope there is!)

Welcome back from the MTN marathon.

Cheers & Great week ahead!


I won!

My high school  teacher saw it, tried to help me see it but i didn’t cos i did’t want to. It crushed her heart every time she had to see me living outside my abilities.I guess i kinda cherished the feeling of living in denial, knowing that i did not have to be obligated to do it.Yet my heart  would literally melt  with that sweet charm and beauty of doing something that truly satisfies you.

I was so bent on proving i was just as smart or even maybe way too smart that i burdened my memory with remembering how sodium chloride dissolves in water at room temperature or  figure out how to do differentiation by parts or fraction and the climax of my obsession i guess was basically cutting into  half a live frog, that adrenaline rush made u feel 2 inches away from a real doctor. In fact, after these practical sessions you’d almost think you can carry out a C- section on a woman in labour! How naive we were! It would feed our egos just well enough, looking down at all the non-science students as slow or just losers dragging their feet through school but almost assured of a mediocre life with their stunted careers!  It was a good feeling knowing that you were almost a guaranteed genius (we did not even have to be tested!) yet right now, i want to somehow apologize to them all, my old self made enemies just  because they did not know the chemical composition of sodium (its actually Na) or how to adjust a microscope because i also do not know now, so many years after.

My battle was between a girl i so naturally loved, and the very light skinned, navel tattooed, big butt kinda of ideal girl. I really had a connection with girl number one. it was pure chemistry, she would complete my sentences, find humor in my every joke ( not sure i am that funny), make me want to be a better man who lives true to himself yet is constantly challenged to grow and expand and conquer the world around him. She was beautiful inside out (especially inside, actually especially outside, well i guess both just as much) perfect in every way, smooth and articulate in speech, but above all funny and smart. She would not rub her intelligence  in your face, but you sure wouldn’t miss it if you met her. Basically on point! Girl number two is crazy and so much fun to hung with. You do couple of tequila shots (Olmeca by the way) on a high paced weekend road trip, drink the night away to margaritas and wake up by the lake side in a green tent and everyday feels like a holiday with her. It feels really good that you are everyone’s dream couple and you catch the envy of many cos she’s really hot and all but the relationship gets you no where!

My girl number one has always been literature and writing. Putting my random thoughts and sometimes weird opinions on paper (not  much hand written letters anymore, God, i miss them) brings me so much joy and chokes me with fulfillment and content. I have finally succumbed to her (she sure is irresistible) and promise to be committed and true to this relationship (read blog) for the rest of my amazing life!

I am really sure i want to do this cos i have finally WON my fears and look forward to walking this incredible journey, and you are my witnesses!

I also hope Donald Trump wins not tonight!micah