Kai Zen

The then current world affairs, fashion trends, music,  whats making headlines in churches and basically just about anything, i was very persuaded that i was quite knowledgeable about that and more. However, when i browse through my Facebook posts from 3 or 5 years back, i just wish i could delete three quarters of the them  because the then ‘cool’ Micah pretty much embarrasses the now me.

Then just today, i got introduced to an amazing Japanese story – Kaizen. Kaizen is the practice of continuous improvement. Kaizen was originally introduced to the West by Masaaki Imai in his book Kaizen: The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success in 1986. Today Kaizen is recognized worldwide as an important pillar of an organization’s/ individual long-term competitive strategy.

So basically, over the next 7 days, I am going to literally walk you through over what goes on in my crazy, complex and ever rotating brain. My choices, wishes, thoughts, desires, oh obsessions and fantasies too. It is going to be one hell of a roller coaster ride, especially with the new -week , new- me resolutions I actually intend to keep, at least this time around! So, just yesterday i decide to alter my usual Sunday routine of Church, visiting friends, hanging out, watching TV and re watching some of my favorite series (especially Family guy) to simply being with myself and enjoy my own company. The greatest of ideas and inventions have usually always come from such sessions- at least so i’v heard. I took a long walk as i reflected about my life goals and what i have generally achieved. I just realized the greatest achievement i had was LIFE! I survived a car crash about two months ago, walked out without a scratch! It got me thinking, i hadn’t got a kid yet, haven’t bungee jumped or sky dived yet, or any of the crazy items i had on my bucket list. This was some wake up call of sorts yet ever since, i hadn’t really taken time off to reflect on my life and the things i really want to do that generate that sweet satisfaction and inward fulfillment. Yesterday was one of those days i decided to embark on this journey of continued self improvement- Kaizen.


My car at the police station right after the accident

My lazy walk landed me to a basketball court at Kampala International University (KIU). I used to be bad news for my opponents back in the day at this game, thanks to my enviable height, spot on game reading and generally the need to be cool. So, i figured, i wouldn’t mind passively watching people training as i dig into the inner me. I loved the energy they manifested in game. There was this particular, i suppose south Sudanese guy based on his appearance who, for some reason, just enjoyed dunking and the crowd would always wait in eager anticipation and cheer for his next dunk!


I cannot say that my inner engineering sessions did’t yield so much  because i was inspired to make a decision to start going to the gym effective this week after watching how swift these guys were. So, I am gym hunting as of today. This is something i have resolved with myself to do so may times yet somehow afford to postpone. Not this time, mister! As one of the ways to reconnect with myself and the things that really matter, i switched off data on my phone the entire afternoon (you know how much a sacrifice that was) to give room to myself to make actual physical connections with people. A one, Charity (3rd year Petroleum & Gas student at the Petroleum & Gas institute) fell victim to my newly made resolution! I found her quite mature  and articulate in speech for a university student. We discussed about quite a lot of issues ranging from movies (and she likes sit-coms too!), current affairs, her love for basketball inspired y her ex boyfriend to our goals and it was night fall before we knew it (or even wanted it). Now that i write this, i realize we might have shared a little too much for first time friends, especially me! But who cares?

Something else that has just recently caught my attention is how incredible photographs capture moments, stories and tell experiences in just one shot. It is extremely adorable what photographers do with just a click on their mighty Canon D40 (actually that is the only camera name i know!) i have therefore started to allow myself explore this amazing world as well. I took a couple of shots of the basketball players and i am happy with myself, at least so far!


I will expound on my new-week new-me resolutions in the next 6 days and i hope i not only change myself but also someone else who is reading this (i hope there is!)

Welcome back from the MTN marathon.

Cheers & Great week ahead!


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