I am sorry….what?

Just why is there an eternal disparity between what we wish for and what we get? (like all the time!) If you asked me, 27 years ago how i figured my life 27 years later….

very married with my entire life (up until retirement) figured out, 2 holidays to Fiji Islands, Paris, Siem Reap Cambodia or Cape town every year with my trophy wife, living in a incredible villa customized to the dot, VIP treatment at international concerts, my bank account almost exploding with so many zeros, 7 star treatment at 5 star hotels,and basically zero problems. Alright, that’s a little bit exaggerated, but seriously, i assumed growing up was all rosy and so cool.


I still only but dream about you, my Paris!

Someone sure should have given me a memo about this whole growing up thing.

Why cant i still simply make money every time i lose a tooth? What happened to today’s rats? Instead now, i pay my not so pretty dentist (yeah, there’re female dentists too) to lose one.

Why cant i still command instant attention by merely crying? It’s now called being emotional and so not a guy thing- apparently.

Why cant i just randomly pick stuff in the grocery store without being worried about the bill?

Why don’t i still eagerly count down to Christmas with anticipation of new clothes , the excitement of blowing balloons, taking soda (my favorite was Mirinda orange) All i really count down to now is pay day!

Why……just why?

Making friends was as easy as snapping  a finger- Now, there is so much ego like ….’exactly, why do you think we can be friends?” Cumon, do i need to have a list or something?

It was Verb , noun and abacus -easy to logarithms, sets and periodic table -hard to Quantum physics and Integration by partial fraction -difficult and now its Rent/mortgage, life partner and Career choice complex!

It sucks every time i remember that everything i do/say is directly consequential to me. It makes me more cautious hence sucking the fun out of living!

Some one should have warned me, growing up was a trap!

#Ugblogweek – day 2



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