Inspiration. Whats yours?


Is it the sweet love he showers you, the aroma of unannounced fresh flowers delivered at your work desk, the long walks you share with him on lazy Sunday afternoons or it is the invaluable satisfaction you get when you speak to souls with your effortless acts of love?


Is it the feeling you get when your heart skips 2 beats because your boss affirms his confidence in you for the deals closed, revenue raised, contracts signed and flawless reports or the knowledge that because of what you do, a life is changed, a family is fed, a lifesaving call is made or a baby breathes its first share of oxygen?

Is it the tremendously generous comments that flood your ear about your adorable dress code, your Oscar winning dimple, your picture perfect behind, your sparkling white dental, your God given 6 pack or it is the humility that captivates you, knowing that you inspire someone to work out, dress better or be professional?

Is it the friends, family or good fortune or that you freak out like me every time you imagine how high your bill would be if you were charged to breathe?


If I were to thank God for anything at all, it wouldn’t be for the car I drive but for the hands to engage the gears, not for the job but for the brain to reason, not for the food but for my digestive department for knowing how to convert my random lunch to glucose without any computer program, not for how captivating she is but for the eyes that beheld the beauty.

That, right there is my inspiration!


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