You sometimes wish you could pretend for a minute that you can spend an hour without texting, thinking,talking or stalking her Facebook timeline and you always fail miserably at keeping this promise. She texts you just hi… and this prompts you to articulate all the funniest jokes you’ve googled all night to impress her, ‘ladies wouldn’t resist any size of a man packaged in a humorous box’ you read somewhere, you let your feelings for her explode as bluntly yet subtle, the ones you have saved from yesterday’s late night call   where you said a little over 20 goodbyes but no one seemed to want to hung up.You are stuck between trying to act like you like her just only enough and shielding her from seeing how much extreme of a hopeless romantic you are, choosing what to do has never gotten any harder. Alot of possibilities run through your mind- does she like me as much? Iam i walking down this road so fast? is it even possible you can love someone abnormally this much? Maybe it is true, magic exists after all? All these ceases to be valid question the minute she texts back asking the same questions – then it dawns on you- your living a true Notebook-kind-of Love story, full of bliss and incomprehensible attraction. The best part, all is mutual.

You want to grow really old with her, go on nature walks together in the Amazon, bungee jump with her from the Royal George bridge even when she’s afraid of heights, prank her to comma and you be the first person she sees when shes gets conscious – she slaps you and you laugh about it, You want to experiment being a dad with her – as you make silly parenthood mistakes but your kids turn out just right, You want her to be the one whose hand you hold as you pray to God in tough times and hers to be the voice that will tell you it’s going to be alright. Question is……is this what they call chemistry? Where do you learn it from? When did you graduate or even enroll seeing that you are consumed. You love her so much and she is the one to blame. You love her so much and there is nothing she can do about it. She has mastered the art of being perfect, shes flawless in speech and physique- at least in your head. The more you fight it, the more captivating it gets, you simply chose to lose and  feed off this sweet feeling of knowing someone out there cares as much and feels the same- spends sleepless days picturing a happily ever after with you. I have not done 3/4 of the things on my bucket list but pretty sure this is by far the most earthly possible most incredible feeling ever and rather a basis for the 3/4 of my bucket to make any sense after all.

Ultimate happiness is being trapped in such a state all your life! The chemistry zone!

#elitexpressions by Micah Musabe



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